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No more Zantac – A Cure for Heartburn? Part 1

For many years now I’ve been a Zantac addict, well initially Gaviscon and more recently Zantac, in fact to be honest I’ve also been prone to the double dose ones you get in the US. Yes, a could of these usually sort me out but recently I’ve become more concerned that I’m not addressing the root cause. Last weekend I had a eureka moment. Well maybe it’s more of an epiphany. Due to my son having a race weekend I wasn’t able to have my normal weekend tipple – a whisky, Mojito, a few beers and some wine is normally on the menu – not all of them but certainly a few? I’m not a big drinker, 4 beers and I’m well on but I do like to chill with a few at the weekend – like most people. Of course with the drink came the acid in the food pipe and out comes the Zantac! But back to the epiphany. Last weekend I had no alcohol – not a drop. The odd thing was on Sunday morning the heartburn was there in all it’s glory. I thought to myself this isn’t fair – I’ve not had the treat but I’m suffering the consequences. Rather than play the victim I think it’s important in life to understand why you are in the position you are and then see if you can change it or at least stop it from happening again.

So I put on my research head and started googling. What I found completely stunned me and at the same time gave me that feeling when everything clicks into place – a chunk of your life makes sense. An epiphany I would say. So here it is. Heartburn is not caused by too much acid, it’s caused by not enough. Crazy I hear you say? All that acid burning your windpipe and it’s because you don’t have enough of the stuff. It sounds illogical but trust me it makes sense.

I’ll talk through the thinking briefly, and then a bit about my personal experiment to prove or disprove the theory.

More in part 2 …